June 1945
Company founded: Ken-ichi Miyagawa, founder of the company began manufacturing automotibe gaskets at Fukushima-Ku, in Osaka
December 1950
Incorporated under the name of Sanwa Packing Industry Co., Ltd., capitalized at 500,000 yen
February 1953
New factory constructed at Oyodo-Ku, in Osaka; Head office moved to this site
August 1957
Capital increased to 2 million yen; production of gaskets for petrochemical plants began
March 1962
New factory constructed at Hattorikotobuki-Cho, in Toyonaka; Head office moved to this site
March 1965
Mizushima factory constructed at Higashizuka, in Kurashiki
October 1965
Capital increased to 16 million yen, Fukuroi factory constructed in Fukuroi; production of construction materials began
October 1967
Capital increased to 32 million yen
February 1973
Main plant constructed at Tokura, in Toyonaka-Shi; Head office moved to this site
October 1973
Capital increased to 46 million yen
January 1975
New cylinder head gaskets developed to meet the requirement in the automobile exhaust gas regulations; and launched into the field of heat and sound insulators
April 1981
Mizushima factory constructed at Matsue, in Kurashiki-Shi; Factory moved to this site
April 1984
Capital increased to 58.77 million yen
March 1988
Engine testing facilities expanded, and low temperature testing equipment introduced
April 1989
Capital inscreased to 99.66 million yen
November 1990
Siam Sanwa Industry Co., Ltd. established in Bangkok, Thailand
December 1998
Earned ISO9001 Certificate at Head Office Plant
September 2000
Installed a robot line for heatshield production at Head Office Plant
Installed a robot line for MLS gasket production at Head Office Plant
October 2001
Installed a new heatshield material processing line at Head Office Plant
November 2002
Earned ISO14001 Certificate at Head Office Plant
May 2004
Kunshan Sanwa Engine Parts Industry Co., Ltd. established in Kunshan, China
January 2006
Established Harada factory at Harada-cho, in Toyonaka-Shi, and Itami factory at Kitakawara-cho, in Itami-Shi
February 2006
Established Sanwa Trading Korea Co., Ltd. in Ansan-City, Gyonggi-Do, Korea
December 2009
Established Mimasaka factory in Mimasaka-Shi, Okayama
October 2011
Company name changed from Sanwa Trading Korea Co., Ltd to Sanwa Packing Industry Korea Co., Ltd.
Main office moved from Ansan to Busan
Busan Factory Established
March 2015
Established Kameyama factory in Kameyama-Shi, Mie

Certificate ISO14001/9001

Our head office plant is certificated by Environmental Management System and Quality Management System.

  • Environmental Management System Certificate

  • Quality
    Management System Certificate