More sophisticated technology for thin sheet deep-drawing processing is required for heatshields facilitated with multi-layer insulation and vibration damping. They are increasingly becoming important products for insulating the heat, sound and vibration of automobile engines, electric generator engines, and parts of exhaust pipes. Such multi-functional products must fit into the engines’s small space while giving high performance to protect the surrounding parts.

NimbusGⅡ *1

Heatshields for Exhaust Manifold for Automobile

We have challenged the concept of aluminum being weak to high temperatures by introducing NimbusGⅡ, the world’s first aluminum light-weight heatshield for exhaust systems. This became feasible by combining the use of an air gap between the corrugated layers of the aluminum sheets with the Moment Buster*2 which has the function of heat insulation and vibration dampening. We have been able to decrease the weight of the NimbusGⅡ heatshield to about 1/5 the weight of the conventional steel heatshield.

Heatshields for Fuel Tube size:100mm*400mmHeatshields for Break Hose size:160mm*720mm

Heatshields for Fuel Tube/
Heatshields for Brake Hose

Heatshields for Fuel Tank size:800(W)*620(D)*300(H)Heatshields for Underbody size:460mm*470mm

Heatshields for Fuel Tank/
Heatshield for Underbody

Not only for Automobile but also for Motorbike, Construction Machine and Agricultural Machine, NimbusGⅡ is adopted to use.

*1 NimbusGⅡ Heatshield
NimbusGⅡ, a corrugated two layers of aluminum sheets, is an astounding light-weight heatshield with a combination of superior heat insulation capacity, vibration dampening and sound insulation.
*2 Moment Buster

Moment Buster is designed especially to fit on the NimbusGⅡ and the connecting parts of the exhaust pipe which temperature reaches higher than 450°C (842°F) and is used for the purpose of blocking heat transfer and dampening vibration.

Conventional Steel Heatshields

Conventional Steel Heatshield vs Nimbus

Heat Insulation Effect

  • Conventional Steel Heatshield

  • NimbusGⅡ with Moment Buster

Anti-Vibration Effect

Noise Reduction Effect

Heatshield for Exhaust Manifold for Automobile

By applying our technology of deep drawing on thin metal sheets our heatshields, structure of it is a compound layer of metal and insulation material which has a vibration control effect, are used for heat and sound insulation of automobile engines and power generators.

Besides Automobile, Conventional Heatshield is adopted to use for Marine Ship.