There are higher demands for automobile engines to have better performance, less weight, and have higher fuel-efficiency. Therefore, combusion temperature and pressure tend to be higher than before, and there is an increasing need for high quality and high precision gaskets. Along with the evolution of the automobile engine, and in order to seal properly, gaskets are required to deal with not only high-temperature and high-pressured combustion gas, but also lubrication oil, coolant and blow-by gas.

Cylinder Head Gaskets

Improved gaskets have been continuously researched and developed with the improvement of micro-sealing technology, and these new gaskets made of a combination of rubber (fluoride, silicon and NBR) and graphite sheet are now distributed world-wide.

Exhaust System Gaskets

Gaskets are required to perform under higher temperatures and heavier loads than before due to the adaption of the turbo charger. Our cutting-edge technology has been utilized as a key factor in the advancement of high performance engines.

General Gaskets

Gaskets perform an important role in the sealing of fluids such as gasoline, water and oil in various internal combusion engines, freezing machines and airplanes. We continue putting our leading technology into the market with the cutting-edge development of various other new materials.

Industrial Gaskets

Industrial gaskets are the most distinctive and unique among the wide range of our products. These gaskets are formed to specification out of materials such as titanium and other various kinds of metals. They are mainly used in large scale pipings such as petroleum refinaries, chemical plants, and electric power stations. The structure of these gaskets ranges are from solid metal to composite structures in which a soft gasket material is sandwiched between the metal layers.